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Snakes and Ladders

Every once and a while you’ll find someone who wants to bring their pets to parades. The Times Picayune ran a blog post today about Jesse Moore who attended the uptown parades with his boa-constrictor. When asked by the TP reporter Moore responded, “I did it mostly for the women, […] They love it. It drives them crazy.”

He’s right.

I once met a woman once who really loved her snake.

Read the blog post at nola.com

Read “The tale of the much swallowed serpent” also at nola.com.


NYE, Websites, Rock Band, & More Websites

I forgot how much easier it is to populate a website with tedious content when you’re hanging out with friends and shooting the shit while getting work done.

So far today I:

  • Populated the Carnival schedule.
  • Helped Paul help a friend publish her restaurant website.
  • Realized how much I suck at playing rock band.

And I still need to get all the equipment ready for a wedding tomorrow.


The End of my Laptop?

A couple of days ago the new hard drive I bought for my laptop died without any warning after only two months. Which was strange because the old drive lasted 5 years and was only taken out because I filled it up.

The replacement drive came in today and I’m going to have my first experience with the Windows Home Server restore. At least the nightly backup started right after I went to bed the last night it was working.

So far it has been running pretty well with only one hiccup: the destination drive needs to be partitioned. Fortunately Microsoft thought ahead and included the disk manager on the restore CD.

The restore finished in about a half hour and duh duh daaa! I’m getting the same error. Time to try something else.

Update: An older backup gave me the same thing. But Ubuntu installed no problem. Go figure…

Update 2: Windows but not via WHS recovery… so much for easy 1 CD recovery feature.


Relaunching… again…

It’s time to relaunch jeffcaradona.com. While the previous site was a sparse exercise in 2 posts over a year it had to go away. Alas, I hosed it while upgrading to WordPress 2.7. So it is back with a fresh copy of WordPress and themes that were not bundled with the install.


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